2019 Annual Report

Bankers Trust 2019 Annual Report front cover

Don Coffin, CEO and President, Bnakers Trust“In 2019, Bankers Trust focused on being the very best at meeting the needs of our customers. This is true in every business line and across every market we serve.”

We reignited our commitment to outstanding customers service. We made important investments in technology that will enable us to build stronger relationships with our customers and keep them, their information and their money secure. And our nearly 600 team members – our Difference Makers – embraced new ways to work together as a unified team to ensure we are creating the best possible experience for our customers. I’m incredibly proud of our efforts.

Net income increased to $64.2 million - graphicBankers Trust entered 2019 focused on customer service, smart growth and optimizing its processes and procedures. The bank’s nearly 600 dedicated and experienced team members continued working together to make a difference for customers, communities and each other. The result of these shared efforts was another year of strong performance. Combined assets rose $469 million to $4.98 billion, and earnings were up 4.71% to $64.2 million.

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Throughout the year, we also continued to focus on what sets us apart from the competition. We call it the Bankers Trust Difference. As you review the following pages, you will learn about our key differentiators along with highlights from each of our business lines. You will also find out why our culture is so unique and why our commitment to community is second to none.

At the heart of it, the Bankers Trust Difference continues to be about understanding why people turn to us. It’s because they trust us. It’s the way we’ve always done business, and it’s the way we always will.

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